Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Photographic Evidence by jfb.

But what about the facts that prove they didn’t land. Shadows, camera focus, lighting, dust being pulled down to a rate equivalent to the Earth’s gravity.

People have been explaining on these pages and elsewhere why these “facts” mean nothing of the sort. Uneven terrain results in uneven shadows; you see it all the damned time on Earth, why shouldn’t it be the same case on the Moon?

There are plenty of out-of-focus, badly-exposed, badly-framed shots taken on the surface, such as

As for lighting, in addition to the Sun you have sunlight being reflected from the Earth, the lunar surface, the LM and equipment, and the spacesuits. The spacesuits especially are responsible for the light fill in some of the images that look like they might have been taken with a flash.

As for “dust being pulled down at the same rate as Earth’s gravity”, well, I’d like to see the math on that. What I see interesting about the dust is how it doesn’t float away; it all crashes back down onto the surface. There’s no billowing, it doesn’t stay suspended.

You clearly have issues with the conduct of the US government. Great; so do I. Yes, we are turning into a police state. Yes, we have committed atrocities against our own people and others for decades. Yes, the government has put out propaganda and disinformation aimed at American citizens.


That can all be true, and it can also be true that the Apollo program really existed, that we really landed men on the Moon and brought them back safely. There’s simply too much evidence to think otherwise.

I’ve said it here before: if you think that the Apollo program was a hoax, the burden is on you to provide evidence for your case. If you think the photographs were shot on a sound stage, it’s not enough for you to blather about shadows and lighting; you have to provide evidence that such a sound stage existed, and that the mission photographs were taken on that sound stage. Where was it built? How did they simulate the effects of 1/6 gravity and no atmosphere?

SHOW ME A PICTURE FROM BACKSTAGE, not an image from the public archives that’s been repeatedly compressed, rotated, filtered, manipulated, etc., to emphasize a strange reflection on Buzz Aldrin’s helmet. Show me a grip smoking a cigarette on the lunar surface. Show me the wires used to simulate lunar gravity. That’s the kind of evidence you need to provide.