Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Photographic Evidence by Ronny.

Yea saying NASA killed people is kinda farfetch. But who did they kill they’re own astronauts. People are brutally abused by U.S. authorities EVERYDAY. So what’s a few lives to the major branches and corporations of our gov’t. Just like any civilian over in Iraq, expendable if needed and replaceable if needed. Just because we’re the “United States” doesn’t mean we’re all good. In fact we’re savages. Look at some of the ruthless things our gov’t does. Prime example: our troops. They’re expendable, fighting for nothing. We SUPPOSEDLY went over there for W.O.M.D.. Haven’t found any yet. We’re over their to conquer their oil fields, and charge the whole world with OUR prices. Yea your thinking “well I’m in the U.S., so I get exclusive gas prices. Ride down the street to Wawa and tell me if those are exclusice prices. Think on that.