Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Photographic Evidence by will.

umm excuse me for interupting yall but,,,
NASA was created by ex german “nazi’s” remember them?? project papreclip??
do your research.
do u think nazis who create a space program ,post creating a series of death camps in europe, would be trustworthy to deliver u ” advances” like moon landings??
our country has been sideblinded by the banker gangsters long time ago!!!!
why is going to the moon for milluions to billions of dollars a human advancement??
we still deny our ancient ancestors claims of ufos, “flying carpaets” and glowing “flying chariots” in the sky since antiquity!!

google sumarians
google annunaki
google mayan airplanes the fact google is owned by big brother, along with facebook!!
google 9-11 truth, or

what/..controls the u.s.a.??
oh yeah…whay was there no jet propullsion marks under the lunar craft when it leaves the moon headed back?? ummm, no dust moves, no marks
wake up, its after the snoring,, so easy to do.