Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Photographic Evidence by Caretaker.

Guys, my question is very simple and I hope it will help us understand the truth or the flaw in the facts…….

How do you direct your rocket to another rotating sub-planet, which rotates around your planet so fast that you can see it move around with your own eyes through the sky within one single night. Its like you are riding a unicorn on a marry-go-round and you plan to jump to another unicorn on another marry-go-round. You can visualize the fact by keeping the fact of the size of someone riding on a planet, instead of the unicorn. To which direction did the fly and how they calculated that they would land precisely on the moon? In the space, propelling is not an option, so the velocity shall remain constant. So you are never able to land your spaceship right on its bottom S.A.F.E.L.Y.

In addition to that, when you pay billions of dollars to reach moon, its ridiculous if you use a low def cam. Those are not your vacations videos and images that you can take with anything like stone carving or something. You can expand your thoughts furthermore while concentrating on WHY DID WE DO THIS WHEN WE PAID BILLIONS?