Comment on Moon Landing Hoax Proof by jfb.

even one picture of the stars while the ship was on the way to or circling the moon.

I’ve explained this before, multiple times. You simply cannot expose for the sunlit surface of the Moon and the stars at the same time; photographic film simply does not have the necessary dynamic range. Expose for the stars and the sunlit lunar surface would be a fuzzy, detail-free white blob. Expose for the sunlit lunar surface (which was the primary focus of the Apollo missions, after all) and the stars simply don’t register.

The Apollo missions didn’t carry any equipment that wasn’t devoted to exploring the lunar surface, period.

The rest of the world doesn’t feel any pressing need to image the Apollo landing sites because a) they’ve already taken the physical samples, instrument readings, radio telemetry, and yes, even the photographs, as sufficient evidence that the US put men on the moon and brought them back (along with several hundred pounds of rocks and regolith), b) there’s plenty of interesting science to be done at sites other than the Apollo sites, and c) most of this work can be done from orbit, without a camera capable of resolving the equipment left behind.