Comment on Moon Landing Hoax Proof by Barney.

Reflectors sitting on the surface could have been dropped to the surface by ubmanned missions. The only photo I’ve found of a reflector on the Moon, is a NASA photo from Apollo 11.

To this date, no one seems to be able to take images of the junk on the surface, so they show us reconstructed photos, like from SELENE in 2008. A few years ago, there was an hour long program showing our landing on the Moon, 98% using reconstruction, from SELENE, What sort of proof is this? And do they think the population is that dumb?

From Wikipedia/third party evidence:

“As with SELENE, the Terrain Mapping Camera of India’s Chandrayaan-1 probe did not have enough resolution to record Apollo hardware”

So, they show us nothing as proof. Brilliant!