Comment on Moon Landing Hoax Proof by mitaka.

Remember, it was a day time the photos were taken. The Earth’s light is not the reason you see what you see. The second brightest light source (after the Sun) is the Moon’s illuminated surface. But anyway the whole idea of even discussing this is ridiculous. The whole hoax is based on false statements about “how the thighs should be” which are totally against the reality we know and we observe every single day. I just don’t know how come the people who believe we didn’t land to the Moon deny to open their eyes. From all of the arguments I see there are two conclusions:
1. We landed to the Moon.
2. We didn’t lend to the Moon but the way they present the things we see exactly match the reality laws as we know and the things we see on all of the materials we would see if we actually landed to the Moon.

So for example – if I see that the Flag is not moving during and short after it was put into the ground for me that will be extremely suspicious.
If the shadows were all in parallel – again it will be pretty strange cause when I go outside I don’t see the object’s shadows to be parallel unless they have straight shape, their in parallel in vertical dimension and the surface where shadows project is smooth.
It would be pretty strange if I didn’t see the astronauts in the shadow of the Moon’s module cause this will be in contrast with what I see Every Day With My Own Eyes.
If I saw the stars during the Moon’s day time I will know that this pictures are fake.

But this is the reality – the way it was presented to us. So either Moon landing happened or it was simulated as it is till the latest detail.

So if anyone ask about the gravity, the Van Allen’s belt and bla bla – read the rest of the comments and the next pages. Also strongly recommended is Wikipedia. You can independently learn about the nature of the events from pages not related to the Moon landing at all – it is called science and it’s the same for everything no matter what kind of topics we discuss. Which lead us to the final conclusion – the beauty of the truth is that it’s perfect and is only one – it doesn’t depend of the people believes, doubts, ignorance or wishes unlike the lies which are infinite and everyone can make them by its own with no limitation. Also two people independently can test and prove that 1+1=2 while other two can sit down and listen 100000 other people telling them that 1+1=4 8 1212 or whatever. I’ve tested the theory myself but did you? Or you just believe in whatever you want to believe because you’re stupid and lazy?