Comment on Moon Landing Hoax Proof by yovita.

I have a picture of Edwin Aldrin’s visor that pictured by Armstrong in high res.
You can see clearly that Armstrong is in a spot of bright light (sunlight?).

The whole picture is quite good in exposure, contrast and brightness, and the color balance etc.

But seeing the condition and position when taking that picture, there is a lot of strange happen.

Looking to the length of shadow and the angle, the light is coming from about 1 and 2 oclock in front and hand right of Armstrong, and a height of light is about 30 to 40 degree.

The conclusion, he and with his camera, is almost frontally hit by Direct Light Exposure without any hid or shade cover him!!!

If you go to my URL (edit by owner of blog: URL link didn’t work, can’t have spaces in there! so go to this image, I just pick up 2 of the basic theory that explain of “Avoiding Direct Light Exposure”

I just thinking that photo at least taking twice, and the helmet visor then copy paste to the other …