Comment on Moon Landing Hoax Proof by Alex.

NASA image: AS17-141-21608HR from:
(Who took the picture? The person -stage worker- in the helmet’s reflection does not have a camera on his chest and a life support system on his back, and he is not facing in the right direction to take the picture.)
I do not except shade arguments from either side (believers or sceptics). If I did then I would consider it completely proven that NO Astronaut ever landed on the Moon. Why I don’t believe in the shade arguments? One day I was hiking out for climbing in the Rocky Mountains and kept watching my shade. I often stopped and analysed the shade. Even when I was there and could examine all the facts it was often difficult to explain the geometry of my shade….
The following video agrees with your (jfb above) explanation but at the same time shows the difficulties involved.

What is interesting is how well your imagination works jfb when to “fill in” a picture so as to make it a believable Moon landing evidence. I bet however, you do not see any of the Disneyland features on the same image. Your imagination suddenly takes a dive ?)

AS15-87-11695, AS15-87-11696, AS15-87-11697, AS15-87-11698, AS15-87-11699
jfb, what do you see on these images and is there anything wrong with these images:
Maybe, just maybe this will be a more clear case.