Comment on Moon Landing Hoax Proof by JakeTheAmerican.

It’s almost impossible that the Apollo 11 landing was a hoax. Obiviously if it was filmed in a studio this large, we would either see it or they would have to film out in the desert which would render the reported “C” on a rock unnecessary, for that matter, why would they even need to mark a rock. The reason that no stars are showing is because, as said, there is no atmosphere on the moon and extensive amount of stars showing would cloud the picture. The flag looks like its moving because, also as said, there is little gravity on the moon, so something in motion would stay as such. They have also compared moon samples to those found in Antarctica. In closing, if the first moon landings were convincing, why would NASA keep on landing on the moon when it wasn’t that big of a deal. People want conspiracies so that they think that there is hidden meaning in things and that they can control events.