Comment on AIDS/HIV Virus is Man Made Conspiracy Theories by Gina Judd.

The 1800?s AIDs cases are attributed to mixing simian and HUMAN blood during the process of chimp hunting and butchering.

The hepatitis vaccine was made by the pooled blood of sexually active gay, and intravenous drug users in Manhattan and was developed from chimps in 1977. The first blood specimens containing the HIV virus are traced back to be from those who participated in the study.

Also my theory is based on the ebook called Undisclosed by Marlin Marynick and Michele Milstein. They cover all of the factors that have led to even the more ridiculous sounding conspiracy theories, ie: simian and human interaction leads to the disease, but it wasn’t from bestiality. Although if someone was that strong and daring to sexually mix with something that can tear your face off with very little effort, this is one way that simian and human blood could come into contact. What these conspiracy theorists lack was how the blood mixed, so they guessed it to be sex.