Comment on AIDS/HIV Virus is Man Made Conspiracy Theories by Gina Judd.

HIV has been around a lot longer than since the first famous case of AIDS was heard of (referring to Rock Hudson). When people ask what caused AIDS the answer is HIV. When people ask what caused HIV. The answer is unclear. Many believe that the SIV Simian Immune Deficiency mutated to HIV (Human). This is likely. But when it did is also unclear. Many agree it was in the 1800’s even though man and chimp have co-existed on this planet for much much longer. The 1800’s AIDs cases are attributed to mixing simian and animal blood during the process of chimp hunting and butchering.

The real question should be what caused the HIV DISEASE (a disease is an occurrence) to become an EPIDEMIC (an epidemic is a phenomenon). One person (say a gay Canadian French stewardess on an international flight route who liked to have sex with gay men could not start an epidemic. One flea could not have started the bubonic plague epidemic but rats and fleas among people in close quarters could.

FACTS that could have led to the AIDS epidemic (a disease that exceeds its expectations in a localized area) and later to a pandemic (an epidemic that goes global) involving the United States Government include:

Ronald Reagan had just taken office in 1981 when AIDS was first reported, he was busy slashing welfare programs, in order to minimize government (something that conservatives expect from Republican presidents) for this reason he was cautious about approaching the subject of AIDs and tended to avoid it. He waited until 1987 to start funding research and awareness programs. Had Reagan made the public aware sooner, its possible a global pandemic could have been avoided. I don’t believe that this was a government conspiracy, just stupidity and irresponsibility. It was definitely gross negligence on the part of the Reagan administration. It was probably lucky that Rock Hudson had been a personal friend of Reagan’s during Reagan’s Hollywood years, because it prompted Regan to at least change his views on the topic and acknowledge it to the public. Still his main claim to fame was mass screening for the disease, free AIDS testing was one of Reagan’s contributions.

FACTS that Pharmaceutical Companies could have started the AIDS disease to turn into a U.S. epidemic include:

During the 80’s there was a hepatitis B clinical study involving a vaccine. Due to the fact that in 1973 a doctor noticed and documented the fact that while 5 pecent of heterosexual patients had contracted Hepatitis B, 50 percent of his homosexual patients had caught it. (Hepatitis is also a blood transfer disease. In the late 1970’s a Hep B vaccine prototype had been created and Pharmaceutical giants like Merck, Sharp, Dohme and Abbott invested heavily in it. They needed to find subjects to test it on. Because big cities have a lot of poor, and a lot of people mean a lot more homosexuals, the pharmaceutical companies decided to target this group. Gay men in these areas would be the most likely willing candidates to take part in it and for less money. They actually had blood mobiles canvasing known gay communities in search of willing participants for their vaccine study. Over 10,000 gay men signed up to take the vaccine. Now, before testing a new vaccine on humans what do scientists usually test on? Monkeys! Bingo. Mostly Chimps due to their close DNA structure to humans. The hepatitis vaccine was made by the pooled blood of sexually active gay, and intravenous drug users in Manhattan and was developed from chimps in 1977 the blood specimens containing the HIV virus are from those who participated in the study.

So. In conclusion the AID’s epidemic that targeted homosexual men was in essence due to the greed of pharmaceutical companies like Merck. Merck tested the batches of their vaccine and said they were not contaminated while the National Institute of Health contended there was a contaminated batch. Merck wanted many participants in the study instead of fewer that they would have to pay more to participate. They targeted communities that do a lot of blood swapping (gays and junkies) in poorer areas. Coupled with the fact that the government was trying to cut back on programs that would have kept the epidemic from going pandemic through AWARENESS, and research, is why I believe that yes, greed and government were large factors in the 500,000 U.S. Aids deaths that occurred during the three decades of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.