Comment on 9/11 Conspiracy Theory by Daniel G wilks.

The and synicated sites are all scams they are not scientific and areacedemic frauds. Most participants are wofully undereducated about the physical layout of WTC1 and wtc 2 structually or te underground leves that conneccted the two towers onthe 16 acre site. They do n’t wish to understand the truth but wish to bring up fantasy that the sell to others as if it was real. he truth remains as the has proven that they can misrepresentan baseless opinion as truth.
A very small segment of the population believes this nonsense. I happen to know this from polling people myself personally. I’m going to say about 10% of the population which is small but insanely too large believes this nonsense here in America about the New World Order, 911 being an inside job etc.

Then about 5% of this 10% are a bunch of adamant A-holes and trolls about the New World Order and 911 conspiracy’s. It’s a mass delusion actually, and it’s actually very sad. I had a friend that believed this nonsense. His entire family thought he was insane of course. It got so bad he was scared of planes overhead because they might be chem-trails. He even took apart his satellite receiver because he thought there might be a camera in it (which of course there wasn’t “big surprise”).

It’s often interested me to analyze what people believe and why they believe it. After hours of study I can tell you that many of these adamant conspiracy theory promoters are seriously delusional about the world around them (they are living in their own fantasy land so to speak.)

These type of people are ill. I really have nothing else to say about them. I think of myself as prudent observer of society. I just say things how they are. There are two types of people out there in the world. There are those that want the truth, and there are those that DO NOT WANT THE TRUTH.

The 911 so called truther’s are an example of people that don’t want the truth. I think that some of these people don’t REALLY believe that 911 was caused by some massive CIA plot. They say they do, and they act like they do, but they really don’t.

They want to shelter out the obvious truth because it makes them feel better thinking that they know some secret plot; and because nobody wants to admit the U.S. was behind on security and got our asses handed to us by some religious FREAKS!!

This ties in with religion again. IF you look at history most wars have been fought over religion, but the religious don’t want to admit there is anything wrong with religion, so they quickly dismiss that there are any Muslim religious extremists that are causing problems like 911.

Again this ties in with not accepting the truth. You want to believe that when you die you are going to heaven and getting your virgins or whatever.

Haarp project? That’s another nutty thing these people bring up. They call and google reputable sources for doing research on something. I seriously don’t think most these people are intelligent enough to step into a library and read something like a peer review journal.

That’s one of the real problems of America today, there is too much misinformation on the internet. People without senses enough to determine what information is valid or not are likely to stumble with things like 911 conspiracies online. Few people these days go to the library and look at a peer review journal by dozens of scientists. People are more interested in conspiracy books and worse THE INTERNET and google. It’s easy to just type a few words on google, read a few articles that already conform to your bias and call it good. Congratulations you’ve done your research.

The internet is an amazing and great place, but every piece of information you look at online, you must take with a grain of salt unless you are going to do hours of research to determine it’s validity. This includes hours of research on who is putting out the information and if they have any financial interest of otherwise in telling you something. Hours of research on opposing viewpoints, and again who is putting out the information on the opposing viewpoints. Then you can have a reasonable opinion or guess as to the truth of a given subject.

If you type in HAARP NWO in google you are going to find articles already reinforcing your nutty opinion about HAARP, even though you’ve probably never seen a HAARP center, or really know anything about it, or talked to anyone involved or working with Haarp if it even exists. If you type in the “Holocaust never happened”, guess what google will come up with? You can get pages supporting that nutty opinion too.

When I talk to 911 truthers they usually can’t defend their arguments, so they get mad at me calling me a sheep, or closing their ears. Or shifting the burden of proof onto me, or bringing up unrelated material into the discussion and not answering my questions.

Think logically about 911 for a second. Planes hitting a tower (weakening not melting) the towers steel beams, coupled with a huge kinetic blast wrecking havoc on the structure, all done by Islamic extremists, VS the other theory(s).

It’s not that hard to believe the planes were hijacked. I remember the time in the 90s when I could carry legally a 4 inch buck knife into the carry on bag on a plane. The conspiracy theory though goes something like this.

The planes were a ruse, the planes were remote controlled and never took off or they were re-routed and the passengers were executed.

A missile was then launched into the Pentagon too, it wasn’t really a plane at all. The calls made by the family members on the plane were really CIA assets faking voices with advanced computer systems. Even though you can talk to the family members of people on the flights like 1911 on facebook they are probably paid off by the CIA too, or part of the CIA as well.

Bombs were placed earlier in the buildings by secret government agents of course, secret shadow agents too. Then thermite which had never been used in controlled demolition previously was planted all around the edges of the beams by shadow agents. It sort of looked like thermite so that must be what it is when a little fire comes off the side of the building.

The only people who talk about melting steel are the conspiracy theorists by the way, everyone else is content with weakened beams.

“Let’s pretend it was an inside job, why go to all this trouble of faking voices, faking phone calls, using planes, etc etc? If you recall in the 90s al qaeda tried to blow up the buildings from the basement? IF the building was rigged with explosives AGAIN they could have just blown it down and blamed it on al qaeda so we could go to war couldn’t they? That would have been more than sufficient as people remember al qaeda from the 90s trying to blow it up with explosives to begin with.

Why all the elaborate excess of using planes, thermite, faking voices, CIA agents, missles? etc?? I have yet to get a good answer from him or any other truthers on this for that matter. It’s all BS.

All they do is nit pick on the fact that one scientist or engineer or article says this that and this. They won’t answer your question(s), when the truth is 95% of engineers agree almost unanimously on what happened that day. I don’t need to nit pick.

I post this for those who have sense enough, but I’m not going to waste time arguing with a conspiracy theorist. One thing you will notice about people like that if you argue with them you are either A) duped by the conspirators or B) somehow part of the conspiracy. You’re wasting your time.

The best thing you can do with insane people that believe things like this, is to actually not argue at all. In my time around insane people I have found the best tactic to cope with insanity is to nod your head a little bit, and say something like “that’s interesting”.

If you argue with them that reinforces their beliefs more, and if you say you’re right they’ll keep talking about it. It’s best to stay neutral. Say something like “that’s interesting”, or “Oh, I never thought about that” and leave it at that.