Comment on 9/11 Conspiracy Theory by Yurick Hunt.

First off, the initial hole in the pentagon was NOT 90 feet wide, as you claim. (And where was the huge fireball from the fuel,never mind the missing luggage, bodies and aircraft parts??)
And since it is / was the most guarded building in the world, there would be lots of video cameras trained on that building. That being said, show us the plane hitting the building (or shut the hell up)! Why have they not shown the video?? Because there is no plane to see…..that is why!!
Secondly, I see you conveniently make no mention of building 7……you know the one that fell at near freefall speed into it’s own footprint?? That is the building that Larry Silverstein stated publicly that the order was given “to pull it”. That is the same building that the BBC announced live that the building had collapsed a full 20 minutes before it came down…….the very same building that witnesses claim they were stepping over bodies to escape. If it had truly fallen on it’s own due to the damage to the one side of the building, then logic dictates that it would have fallen over, not down. Christ!!!! Do I have to draw you a diagram???? Simple physics!!
Then there is the flight that went down near Shanksville. That huge ‘scar’ in the landscape that showed no sign of bodies, luggage, or aircraft parts…….just a smoking scar in the landscape…….it’s kinda funny (ironic) that satellite photos show that ‘scar’ in photos PRIOR to 9-11.
…………….And the list of anomolies goes on and on, but you, being a troll, will ignore the evidence, and will continue to spew out the ‘official’ hogwash trying to convince everyone (including yourself) that this was all carried out by some guy with a turbin in a cave half way around the world.
Have fun in your FEMA camp!