Comment on 9/11 Conspiracy Theory by Real 911 Truth.

To list all of the proofs and all of the internal contradictions, and all ofthe physical impossibilities in the “official story” of 9/11 would require pages and pages.

So here we will bring a sample:

11 & 77 not in BTS database for 9/11/01: they were not scheduled to fly that day, and did not.

Flights 175 and 93 flew later than alleged crash times, there is 100% proof of that, therefore, they did not crash as described in the official story.

WTC 7 was not hit by an airplane (neither was WTC 2 or 4, but, I digress), it has been 100% proven that it was brought down by a controlled demolition, exactly like the two 110 story towers.

FBI never considered bin laden a suspect.

Cell phone calls cannot be made from jets flying 10,000 feet high and above.

Seat back phones were not present and/or were no longer operable, in the supposed aircrafts.

A true patriot questions their government when the evidence shows that is needed.