Comment on 9/11 Conspiracy Theory by Steve Gillespie.

I wonder if anyone is aware of the true function of the WTC was? A headquarters for a covert/shadow government. A place where organized crime syndicates and corrupt corporate CEOs could laundry their money. Now is where it gets a little weird, it was an alien base of operations, and the Twin Towers were an anchor point for their field based propulsion system. Why do you think massive temples and the pyramids were built? After 9/11, this covert/shadow government relocated to CA, that’s why they had to get Davis out of office and replaced with Schwarzenegger? Why do you think Brown is Governor. If you wish to know the true origins of the HIV/AIDS virus, go to I’m “SG”, one of the US servicemen inoculated with the vaccine/cure for the HIV/AIDS virus in 1971, when I was in the USAF.