Comment on Iraq War on Terror or Oil Conspiracy? by Jim.

Not oil. If anything Bush started the war because of the New World Order his dad talked about. And not the “New World Order” that these conspiracy theorists talk about. I mean, I believe Bush W. did it because he thought Saddam was an evil dictator and that if Iraq were a democracy, it’ll be a start for creating stability in that region of the world.

Now personally, I think Bush went about it all the wrong way. I think it was a mistake. But we’ll see if it was or wasn’t in the long run. I do think Bush really thought was was doing good for the world though. Whether we agree or not. I don’t think the man had evil intentions that a lot of people believe. I just think he went about things the wrong way.

As far as oil goes, where is it? The war didn’t do anything to help fix or prevent the damn gas crisis we are in now. Another false propaganda theory, from people who hated Bush for whatever reason or against the war for whatever reason. By now we’d be benefiting from it or we’d be talking about how “Iraq’s oil could help us in this tough time.” But we don’t see or hear any of that. Sure. The war is still going on but I think the oil thing would be more in place for us to use by now.

Now did Bush really know that Iraq didn’t have the weapons of mass destruction? Good question! That could determine his evilness on the evil scale.