Comment on Iraq War on Terror or Oil Conspiracy? by king Bushwick the Toity Toid.

Okay,I Guess You Conviently Forget How”Saint”Ronald Reagan and Bush the Elder
Sold Guns and Ammo and” Spare Parts”To Both Iran’s Ayotollah Khomeini and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein Under The Direction Of The Colonel,Ollie North From 1980-88 and Hussein Was Our”Ally”In Everything But Diplomatic Recognition Until He Invaded Kuwait in August 1990,Then Suddely He Was”Public Enemy Number One”!!!
Hmm!!Most Traitors and Committers of Acts of Treason Are sent To Gitmo or Leavenworth!!
If Your’e The Head Of The security Council,You Get a Nice Deal As A Commentator For Furked Snooze!!