Comment on Illuminati Conspiracy Theories by conspiracy detective.

Well some odd comments lol if people still cant see that everything that is happening in the world is a design for total control then they are morons who cant see past there own fat asses. look up ‘Fractional banking’ a bank can loan out ten times what it has in its vaults. so the money they give us as so called credit doesnt even exist. yet we are expected to pay it back in real hard earned money, with interest. csn no one see ther problem with this? eventually there will be no money left..which is what is happening… and when we are completely desperate we will beg them for the solution. enter the new world order. and thats the first step to eliminating and controlling us. look at all the bills in america since obama. but i suppose the NDAA is just a load of paranoid bollox. Enjoy the summer, next years will be alot different.