Comment on Illuminati Conspiracy Theories by Rich Wills.

I had this argument with the John Bircher’s back in the seventies.
That Rockefeller/Rothschild controlled Council on Foreign Relations and
similar groups were part of an international conspiracy to take over America
with a super-secret Masonic-Illuminati-Zionist-Marxist agenda.

Sorry, it’s hard to type this crap without giggling like a schoolgirl.

So, during the debate I put for the proposition that we should line up
an assortment of U.S. military, put which ever U.S. President was available
and a Rockefeller or a Rothschild out in front. Have our Global Overlord
address the troops and order them to shoot the President.

Now maybe you could have found a handful of older military offices, who had worked in Washington D.C., who might actually recognize Rockefeller. They might
have privately supported his efforts to rationalize the government structure.
The privates of course would stand around looking bored, they are waiting for
the Sergeants to tell them what to do.

All the President would have to do is gesture with drawing his thumb across
his throat and then at Master Overlord and the race will be on to see whose reflexes are faster. The young officers or the noncoms, to gift THEIR Commander-
in-Chief with the Global Ruler’s, blood-dripping head as a souvenir of an interesting parade.