Comment on Flying Saucer Crashed at Roswell in 1947 Conspiracy Theories by 1/3 Order.

My Brothers and sisters your mind are diluted, your involvement with the worlds gullies have distracted you from the true purpose of our existence. we have been civilize for over 4000 years now although what should have been done 2000 years ago is bieng prolonged by yout idiococy and in attentivnence.
are purpose is come a large you see we have a creater and we say we are alive and human then us human create machine wich can think and act faster than us and can even recreate and evolve themselves. we are creating our surpassers the horizon is only to close to our grasp DO NOT JUST BE MORE DUST IN THE WIND BUT BECOME SOMETHING GREATER these aliens and flying saucers are only showing you that we humans are insugnificant in this “space race” and we cant even come together as a “HUMAN RACE” to BEAT THESE STUPID BASTERDS IM COME ON REALLY ARE YOU RALLY GOING TO LEAVE THIS UP TO ME and should let you know you may not live long enogh to see the light for i always wait till the last minute BUT I WILL FINISH AS IVE ALWAYS DONE