Comment on Bible Conspiracy Theory by TheLastOneOfTheSecretOnes.

i haVe sEen the Lies of the WorLd and i hAve seen the lies of thIs SoCalled gOd and the trUtH iS that THERE IS NO GOD THERE IS NO DIVINE BEING THERE IS ONLY THIS EARTH … YOU .. SO CALLED HUMANS ARE ONLY A … WELL SIMPLE MIND AND YOU .. AS A MIND START THINKING … YOU THINK ABOUT ALL THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN HERE … BUT THAT WOULDNT MAKE MUCH SENSE SINCE OTHER PEOPLE (OTHER MINDS)ARE COMMUNICATING WITH YOU RIGHT? well to explain that properly i would need to make a very long presentation but i have no time for that so adnlkibp nspi p na j shit i must go they have found me TRUTH IS NOTHING ALL HAS BEEN PERMITTED goodbye forever as i leave to enter the real world