Comment on Barack Obama Conspiracy Theories by turk184.

This won’t be the first time something like this has come up and the “they and them” have put it down. Seems Ohio didn’t officially become a state until 1957 because their senate didn’t pass the bill to become a state way back when. This was an obvious oversight that the Ohio state government tried to correct in 1957. That meant that officially Ohio was a territory and not part of the United States until 1957. If it didn’t matter than why did the state legislators take the time to correct the situation? President Taft was born in Ohio and when he became president Ohio was technically not part of the United States so Taft technically could not become a US president because he was not a US citizen at the time. That would mean that all the executive orders created by him were without legal authority. All appointments to positions of authority made by him and their decisions were unlawful yet nobody did anything about it. Why??? Now we have a potential problem of the same kind with President Obama. If it can be proved that he is not a natural born citizen of the US then everything and everybody he appoints and all their decisions would be without lawful authority and the system would come tumbling down. The “they and them” won’t let that happen but if it’s true then they could be putting a “gun” to his head to get what they want. The military has 10 different departments capable of investigating this to the 9s. They’ll know if this is true or not and applying pressure is part of their job. The FBI are pros at finding these kind of things out. The CIA doesn’t want to be closed down. Kennedy was going to close the CIA down and transfer the power to the military. Some hint that was why he was “taken out”. Having this kind of gun to Obama’s head would guarantee this never happens in his term. Bottom line here is that we better find out for sure where he was born so nobody can put pressure on a seated President to influence his/her decision on anything.