Comment on Area 51 Conspiracy Theories by Lauren Nicole.

I personally think that some of these comments may be true. On the other hand some of these comments are from the losers in life that get their kicks from things like this. I mean seriously, do you HONESTLY think that the government has the money to keep aliens? I can see testing flights and new wepeons for national security. And to the guy that said stuff about dirtbike riding around and not seeing the signs and them just randomly shooting you..NOT. You would most likely be asked a couple of quetions and fined. I do believe int he exsistence of exterterestrials but why would they want to comew to earth? Our air is poluted and our societies are rundown and crumbling. If aliens are soo much better and advanced in technologies as everybody says, why do they need to ome to earth? THINK. WITH YOUR MINDS PEOPLE. The government would NEVER allow public acess to something that could HELP our enemies pulverise us in a world war. Things like this are just bored guys/girls that dont have lifes. and yes i AM reading this. So, YES, that DOES make me a bit of a fanatic. But that doesnt mean i spend my time dogging things like this just because i have nothing better to do. At least do your research if you are going to comment on something like this. Un-intelligent people are the bane of my exsistence. Use correct grammer and TRY to at least SOUND like you have a thought in your heads. Intellingence (and not the alien kind) is most important when you are voicing your opinions. Thank you, and Goodnight :)