Comment on Moon Landing Hoax Proof by Barney.

What about the sheilding of the craft? This question has been raised a number of times. Supposidly, the trip each time through the Van Allen belts was made when it would be at it’s lowest for radiation. Even so, I’ve heard estimates of 6 feet thickness of lead or equivalent for protection. That sounds high. Let’s say one 1mm thickness of lead would be enough. Even so, that would be a thick hull as they used basically, aluminum.

It takes about 1mm of lead to block 99% of 100keV x-ray radiation.


Lead 0.12 mm
Copper 1.8 mm
Iron 2.6 mm
Aluminum 15.9 mm
Water 41.5 mm
Air 35550 mm

Aluminum is a terrible radiation shield. A sheet of lead as thick as a piece of paper works as well as a block of aluminum thicker than your finger. Aluminum is more than 10 times worse than lead. It’s more than 6 times worse than iron.

We can’t tell the true composition of the materials and thickness used, as all the plans and drawings from the Apollo missions was destroyed because they didn’t have room to store it. What would be probably the greatest feat of man to date and the paperwork is destroyed due to lack of storage. Makes no sense.

No paper trail has probably made me question the whole program more than anything. Today, someone would have to construct plans from scratch. Even with todays technology and all the years that have passed, I’ve not seen any plans, by anyone. Russia or China has not landed a man on the moon. Seems strange, if it could be done, why they haven’t.

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